Our Work Has Been Stolen

I don’t know whether to feel flattered or angry. I’m sharing this to let others know what goes on. I’ve known that this happens, but when it comes to scams, that’s another thing.

iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas

I think I always knew this was going to happen. In fact, I caught someone a few years ago that had stolen one of my iphone photos and was distributing it to people that wanted to create composites. I wasn’t too upset about that because it wasn’t a great photo, and it probably wouldn’t have been used for anything since it was heavily edited. At any rate, a simple cease and desist worked.

This recent discovery is much more upsetting. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole that myself and other artists have been delving into the last few days. At first it looked like another poster website selling photographs that didn’t belong to them. A bit of research has lead us to believe its much worse.

I actually found some of your work on their site too. I’ll mention the names in a minute, but I honestly don’t want…

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About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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22 Responses to Our Work Has Been Stolen

  1. I’m glad you posted this. It’s very good to know. It’s a shame and very frustrating that we have to fear the thievery of our photographs. It’s not a compliment to have someone steal.
    So sorry it’s happened to you, Angeline. 😥


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks, Isadora. It’s the way of the world these days it seems. It took me aback at first, but it’s a choice of never showing ones work, or just continuing to put it out there for everyone to hopefully enjoy as much as I do.

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  2. Sorry to read about this. Don’t know how people can do this and feel good about themselves! Violates my reality.


  3. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Angeline. I think that posting lo-res photos and adding watermarks might be a way of combating this trend. Ω


    • Angeline M says:

      And you too, Allan. I saw a couple of re-blogs yesterday. I will always continue to add a watermark which I embedded on one photo just now, but struggle with that. I want my name to show on my work, I’m proud of it. It’s a conundrum as whether to embed or not.


  4. I did it with Photoshop Elements which I use to archive my photos. You can set it to automatically embed a copyright.


  5. Angeline M says:

    A few years ago I attended a seminar given by a Nat Geo photographer who basically said the same. Once it’s put out there on Internet land one can assume it may be pirated. I’ve never thought it necessary to embed a copyright, but I’ll look into that now. Thanks, Angela.

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  6. So sorry to hear that, Angeline. I guess we really have to assume that anything we put out in the public can and will be stolen or misused. I thought I was being negligent by not using a watermark, but apparently that is not a deterrent for shameless thieves. I have embedded copyright in my more recent photos and I assume most photographers do. At least that will help in case of legal dispute for ownership. Hope they catch these guys… 😦


  7. Sue says:

    There are some nasty people around,..,


  8. Lee says:

    Sorry about the situation you are in, copyright and infringement rules seem to mean nothing to some people. Wish you the best.


  9. Suz do not be flattered. Be angry for a brief time. Learn from it and then move on. It is WRONG. But It is not worth fighting over, especially now. You have enough on your mind.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Angeline M says:

      I did get to the angry stage, Jo. But then, I’ve heard so much talk about this kind of thing that I am only surprised that some of my work was taken. It is definitely not worth fighting or worrying about as it seems nothing much can be done. And, as you say, I have enough more important stuff going on to let this bother me.


  10. ShimonZ says:

    I think it’s best to ignore them.


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