The Sunday Evening Chronicle: Playa del Carmen, Mexico


We headed to Playa del Carmen for the day from our hotel in Cancun. An easy drive to a place we’d heard a lot about.


We started out at the main plaza to get our bearings in this little town; what used to be nothing more than a little fishing village.


The town has started to change over the last several years. It started out as a place to take the ferry over to Cozumel Island, but Mexico has seen the potential here, and it is being built up to house high-end stores, restaurants and hotels.  The main street is Avenida Quinta, or Fifth Avenue, that is a long stretch of shops, restaurants, and what seemed like a lot of places to get a massage.


The day we were there was a very hot one, and maybe it was that, but I was not impressed by store after store of cheap souvenirs.


We veered off the main drag, and found a great beach-side restaurant to cool off and have lunch. This is what I was looking for. And great shrimp tacos by the way.



Forget shopping! We had a relaxing lunch and then just ambled around gawking.




There were some lovely people I met in the plaza, and trying to wrap up my year with what had been my photography goal of more people photos for the year, I did just that.

Click on any photo to open the gallery

I’ll have a few more photos next week of the last couple of places we visited before we headed home.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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28 Responses to The Sunday Evening Chronicle: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  1. My favorite part about visiting Cancun were the colorful items.
    You’ve covered many wonderful things in your photos. They showcase the
    variety there is in Cancun.
    Well done ..!!!!


  2. Jo Bryant says:

    great images Angeline…I love portraits…people are so interesting aren’t they ?


  3. Patti Kuche says:

    So many wonderful shots Angeline, from palm trees to people – sunshine in every frame!


  4. thirdeyemom says:

    I could sure use a beach and some color right now! Thanks for transporting me there! 🙂


  5. rommel says:

    Wise choice on taking more portraits. I prolly should do the same but I get very awkward pointing camera to people. I’m really really loving your pictures. You really are reeling your readers to go make the same trip. And it seems like you really are njoying your time there, be it the popular locations or the quiet sites.


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks, Rommel. After a couple of years about being shy with asking people to take their photo, I decided to get over it. Most people are great about agreeing once you talk to them a little bit first. I enjoyed my time in this area of Mexico very, very much! Beautiful place and beautiful people.


  6. Madhu says:

    You know I am a fan of gawking 🙂 Fabulous images all Angeline, but especially the people shots.


  7. says:

    Love the gold gawking! Nice post. Makes me want to travel immediately!


  8. Ruth says:

    Beautiful and colorful post. Warm looking, too! Very nice. Quite a contrast to Punxsutawney. Thanks for the visit and comment :-). Last week w windchill it was -18 so 37 was almost Spring. We were dressed adequately and had our trusty ponchos cause it was so wet.


  9. Very nice set of images.


  10. CMFowler says:

    Wonderful! I love your photos! You got some fantastic shots of the people – thank you!


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