Phoneography Monday; Palms Against the Wall


We sat down to lunch at a local taqueria yesterday, a new one we had never been to before here in town. Open air tables with palms all around, making us feel like we were in Mexico somewhere; how could we have not tried this place before?  I was struck by the noontime shadow against a wall in front of us. May I introduce my first phoneography challenge from my Samsung Galaxy Express phone.

Lens and Pens by Sally has re-launched her usual Monday iPhoneography challenge to include all cell phone photography. Thanks, Sally! And today’s challenge is all about nature.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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22 Responses to Phoneography Monday; Palms Against the Wall

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  3. veraersilia says:

    Beautiful picture! ( Not palms but yuccas though )…


  4. frizztext says:

    “struck by the noontime shadow against a wall”
    = that are the moments we live for – the sudden discovery …


  5. ChgoJohn says:

    And what an introduction! Very nice, Angeline. (I’m typing very softly lest my iPhone notice I’m complimenting an Android smartphone. As you know, they can be so touchy.)


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  7. Wonderful shadow, making a starkly lush arrangement of stems and crowns – hope the food was good?


  8. Amy says:

    Love, love this shot!


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  10. Happy Phoneography Challenge–enjoyed the image and the shadows.


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