The Love of Making Art is like the art of making love….

Reblogged from The Creative Epiphany by Jo Ann Brown-Scott, an incredibly talented artist.

the creative epiphany


Originally posted 3 years ago and brought back by popular demand, in honor of February, the month of love and passion. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

With regard to affairs of the heart, be it your love for people or creative pastimes, it is priceless and rare to find one particular passion that will carry you through all the decades of your life.  I am referring to the profound kind of passion that consistently remains the “bottom-line passion” basic to all of your other activities and interests. It is the foundation for your life. It is your rock, your salvation, your reason to get up in the morning. The attraction, the pull of this passion must be magnetic enough, it must be intriguing enough, it must be changeable and mysterious and challenging enough to keep you fully engaged – hooked – with a tight hold on your heart and soul so that as the years go by its…

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About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. I am a retired nurse case manager. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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2 Responses to The Love of Making Art is like the art of making love….

  1. bonooobong says:

    So true! It’s all about passion even it’s about making love or making art!


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