Ligo Circle of Appreciation

The days of October grow shorter. I was invited into the Ligo Circle of Appreciation by Amy, who has a lovely blog at Thank you, Amy.

And this is how it works:

“This is an Appreciation, NOT an Award. For duration of 22 days, starting on 1st October 2012, we will be inviting 2 bloggers per day to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.”

To fully participate: Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…”, refer back to the blogger who invited you, and Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post.

A great blog is the one that is created by you, with your vision of the world around you in writing and in photographs. It is your words and your pictures that only you know, and without your creation, the world would be the poorer for it.

I would like to bring two people into the circle to join us.

Compass and Camera Life in Singapore and around the world. Fabulous photography here. What I love about this blog is the view of life in Singapore, and the wonderful side trips that are taken that show a world that is quite beautiful.

The Incredible Lightness of Seeing by the petalpusher . More wonderful photographs and writing. What I love about this blog is that each post is ended with a gratitude and a quote.

It is comforting to know that all of us here have met quite randomly, from all parts of the world, and have become a circle of friends.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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14 Responses to Ligo Circle of Appreciation

  1. Madhu says:

    Congratulations Angeline! And thank you fopr introducing us to interesting new bloggers 🙂


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  3. Fantelius says:

    Terrific picture.


  4. Angel! What an honor to be invited into the Ligo Circle of Appreciation, by YOU! Thank you for reading, supporting and sharing what I write about from this tiny little country in southeast Asia. I have loved getting to know you better through words and images shared across the world. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. 🙂


  5. ideflex says:

    Congratulations (or should I say Appreciation!) on your lovely blog and photos. The one that accompanies this post says so much in itself – there’s something about empty beach chairs….


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks so much! Your appreciation is much appreciated 🙂 Those beach chairs just spoke to me of those who have sat there in the past, talking and listening to the waves. A circle of friends.


  6. Congratulations. Frienship is a priceless, precious gift. It inspires us to be better and face the world with a smile.


  7. That last photo of what I know for sure is the upper beach at The Sanctuary Motel along the Pacific coast – brought instant tears to my eyes – not just for the person we memorialized there last August but also because I placed a portion of my mother’s ashes that I had kept since 2002 under the sand at that very spot – so that she would be up a little higher and have a view. Thank you so much – I wonder if you’d send me a copy of that photo…..


    • Angeline M says:

      Oh, my! You had said you had placed ashes of your mother down on the beach, but I had no idea it was here. I’m not sure what made me take that photo (it’s that voice again that directs me sometimes). A copy is on its way to you in the next few minutes.
      Hugs, and see you next weekend.


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