Day 318, A Little Blip On The Screen

One is sailing along; everyday life seems boring. What? What’s that pain right there in my abdomen? I fought off seeking medical follow-up for a week, good nurse that I am, until yesterday. I saw my primary care physician and was sent home. Only it got worse, and then a fever. So I’ve spent the evening from 5:30 until 12:30 in the local emergency room. CT scans, blood work,IV fluids, and finally turned loose to return home with the firm promise to take my antibiotics as prescribed, and see my primary doctor in a few days.

It’s amazing how you walk in to the ER fully functional, are escorted back to the inner sanctum, clothes stripped, and you’re given a standard issue gown, and put on a gurney. Immediately feeling like an invalid.

I was never so glad to walk into my home. I can take a little pain; just don’t make me stay at that hospital.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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6 Responses to Day 318, A Little Blip On The Screen

  1. I hope you are now feeling better. This is one of my fears too. To be a patient or worse go to surgery. I’m glad you were able to go home and recover smoothly. Take care my friend. I pray for you fast recovery.


  2. Thinking of you, sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope all is well soon, Angel.


  3. Amy says:

    I had an ER experience several years ago. Glad you’re home. Are you feeling better? Take care, Angeline!


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