Project 365, Day 302; Photophrenia

I found this sconce in a corner of the hotel we stayed at this weekend, in a very obscure corner. It made its presence known to me as I walked by. Do you ever have that experience? Walking along, and something stops you, and says “look over here, I’m beautiful; take my photo”.  Is this like photophrenia? Does it happen after taking photos for 302 days? I took the photo above with my Canon.

Once again, sitting in a hotel bar (and I hadn’t had a sip of wine yet), I looked over to my left because something again told me to look there, and said “look up”. It may have said “dummy” after it said “look up”, but I can’t be sure of that. I took the photo above with my iPhone 4s.

I googled the term photophrenia and don’t find it in any other context regarding a medical condition. A definition of the suffix -phrenia is a “disordered condition of mental activity”. I think that tells me what I need to know about my condition.

I also hereby copyright the word photophrenia.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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6 Responses to Project 365, Day 302; Photophrenia

  1. munchow says:

    A once quite known Magnum photographer, has said that he doesn’t take photographs; photographs take him. I guess that’s the case here, too, no? I particularly like the first picture.The warm tones and the blending of plants and lights is great. The second one is more intense because of the grains and the blurred image. Great in a different way.


    • Angeline M says:

      That’s exactly it, Otto, thanks for that photographer’s thought on what happens to us. I will sometimes be composing a photo and something tells me to look a little further to this side or that, or up or down, and that makes the whole difference to the outcome.
      I always appreciate your visits and comments here.


  2. ABarlow says:

    Yep, pretty much every day 🙂 It’s a good thing I think, though I also think some people think it’s kinda weird.


  3. Ha.ha.ha. 🙂 Lurve the first – sooo art deco and warm and organic, and generally pleasing to the eye – must have been a great place to stay, with vain light sconces calling out to you as you pass by … 🙂


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