Capture The Colour

I’m taking part in a photo contest sponsored by You can find the particulars on this link to participate.

I was also nominated (though nominations are not needed to take part) by Gary Denness

RED – Oahu, Hawaii

RED: We had just walked in to the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki when we heard drums and cymbals, and turned to see a group coming in to the hotel with this red dancing lion. It was a warm night, and the kids must have needed to come up for air.

WHITE – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

WHITE: We were out driving and exploring the Puerto Vallarta area, pulled over at one point to take photos of the ocean, and looked over a rock wall to see this beautiful cupola.

BLUE – Sayulita, Mexico

We took two day trips from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita. We couldn’t get enough of this beautiful little town north of PV, with a wonderful stretch of beach and blue ocean, perfect for swimming, surfing, and don’t forget the souvenirs.

YELLOW – San Pancho, Mexico

The true name of the town is San Francisco, but everyone lovingly calls it San Pancho (Pancho being the nickname of anyone named Francisco); this town is north of Puerto Vallarta, beyond Sayulita. The young woman pictured is a Huichol Indian making beaded jewelry.

GREEN – Kauai, Hawaii

The lanai of our Kauai hotel room provided this inspirational view every morning as the sun broke through the mist. The peace at sunrise, the palms and Ha’upu Mountain Range was my morning meditation. I felt the spirit of Aloha.

Here are my five nominees to take part in this contest: , @devtramp , @D_OakesImages , @frizztext , @ZeebraDesigns , on Facebook


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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27 Responses to Capture The Colour

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  4. Madhu says:

    Wonderful shots! Think I like the green one best of all.


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  7. Jo Bryant says:

    I just love that last image Angeline…and I know someone who lives in Sayulita


  8. hey! this looks like fun!
    i traveled all night by bus to quito, and your nomination is certainly a refreshing moment in my day! most likely i will be back on the bus and returning to the pacific side tonight, but soon i hope to find time to keep this moving.
    thanks! i look forward to the challenge!


  9. susangeckle says:

    Do they have much diversity in Mexico? I thought Mexico would open itself up to different ethnic groups like Chinese, whites, middle easterners, etc. Maybe they could start celebrating diversity and multi-culturalism by opening their borders to the rest of the world and start bringing in immigrants from everywhere.


    • Angeline M says:

      Oh my, Susan. Mexico is VERY culturally diverse. They don’t need to start bringing in immigrants….the immigrants are there, the borders are open. If you go to a place like Mexico City, you would think you were in Paris or New York; there is every ethnic group represented. And if you go to places like Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende you would think you were in Canada, for some reason, there are many Canadian ex-pats in those cities, and a huge number of American ex-pats live in Mexico. Just take a look at a website


  10. ShimonZ says:

    Very nice pictures, and a pleasure to travel with you.


  11. Amy says:

    Well done, Angeline! Beautiful color choices for the photo contest.


  12. thirdeyemom says:

    Gorgeous! I especially love the green entry!


  13. Hi Angeline … and thanks for the nom!!! I definitely want to participate. I appreciate that you thought about me for this contest … that’s good karma!!!


    • Angeline M says:

      You’re welcome; you have some great photography going on. I think it’s an exciting and fun contest. Actually the first one I’ve entered. And I love good karma!


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