Project 365, Day 234; Double Down

Doubling down on what I’m presenting the next couple of days. I’ve been having such a good time with my mermaid posts that I haven’t been playing by the 365 rules. Whatever. I have put something on this blog every single day. Maybe I should have titled this post “Guilt”.

I do go out and take at least one photo per day no matter what anymore; the 365 does ingrain that much in you, and it is a wonderful exercise in trying to always gain new perspective in the ordinary. The 365 is very easy when you go on a trip, but getting back, and working from home, makes things that much more interesting to get something new on a daily basis to post. I was out the back patio door first thing this morning for these two photos of the day.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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6 Responses to Project 365, Day 234; Double Down

  1. Madhu says:

    I didn’t even realise you had missed days! Loved the mermaid series.


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks Madhu. I considered the mermaid series as my post of the day, but the photos were taken the week before; according to the 365 rules, one should post a photo taken that same day. And like I said in this post….whatever 🙂


  2. doephotog says:

    Yeah, I know how you feel. I have missed a bunch of days lately, cause of the move and all that good stuff that comes with it. Still taking pics though! Keep it up!


  3. theartmotel says:

    Wonderful! Such a pleasure to wander thru your blog and Las Vegas 🙂 Thanks Angeline!


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