This piece of music says Mexico. It makes me so proud to be a Mexican!


Today is the birth aniversary of Pablo Moncayo, 100th years ago.

I will not get you bored with details, so I will go quick, He was born today minus 100 years. (let’s see that math of yours 🙂 )

He wrote Huapango a master piece that totally represents mexicans.  It is contemporary music, so if you are a little bit into Classical, you will get to like it.

It is not dull at all, on the contrary, it has flute and trompet dialogs, harps talking to each other and percussions that lead the rest of the instruments triumphantly!

Lets make a deal. Click on the video and listen to it while you browse other’s blogs. You will like it I promise or else, the refund of the post. 🙂

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