Project 365, Day 192; The Bike Ride

The bike ride yesterday was the highlight of my birthday. Our children all came over to the house at the appointed hour, our son-in-law on his bike. They couldn’t wait to see their Mom get on a bike.

We started out with basics…like which way the helmet went. I’m serious. I couldn’t tell the back from the front. The peanut gallery was laughing and hooting; I’m sure the neighbors were wondering about the hoopla going on.

And did you know there is a a correct side to get on the bike? I thought you just jumped on all willy nilly. Oh, no, not so. All the how to’s were enlightening.

And then I got on the bike behind J. Oh, that was awesome. I held on as we roared off with the family left behind snapping photos for posterity.

I was a back seat driver and gave J directions out of our development, and out onto the main two lane road heading towards what I know leads out to fields, and a dead-end a few miles down. I’ve driven it a few times and love the isolation out there.

J revved up the engine, and we shot down that road like I never imagined. The wind in my face made me laugh, and the feeling of absolute openess and air around me was freeing. My soul soared. The open land,  with grasses dried to a golden wheat color from the sun and wind, and the hills in the distance glimmered in the setting sun. We passed an open aqueduct that carries water from the nearby delta to the fields and eventually to our southern neighbors in L.A. The water was a deep blue with ripples from the wind. As we reached the end of the road, I asked J to stop and take a photo for me, I hadn’t brought my iPhone.

It was a magical moment for me; to stand and look out at the fields and think about the years that I’ve had, like the water in the aqueduct, flowing by into the next tomorrow.

We headed back home a little more slowly, and I savored each second.

First and  last photo by Angeline M

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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15 Responses to Project 365, Day 192; The Bike Ride

  1. Awesome details on that bike! Happy birthday. Glad to hear you had a great ride 🙂


  2. Cool, cool and cool!


  3. theartmotel says:

    Happy belated Birthday! It sounds GRAND!!!


  4. Madhu says:

    Glad to see you had a great time! Not too late to learn how to ride one yourself 🙂


  5. You could do with a bit more of that sort of thing I think, couldn’t you? So glad you had such a thrilling ride:)


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