It Was a Moving Experience

Moving to a new home ranks right up there in the stress category levels along with divorce, job loss, death in the family, change in health…you get the idea.  It all revolves around change, and change is something most people would rather avoid. It would also help to realize that you cannot have a completely stress-free life, especially where change is involved. Life is made up of one kind of stress or another, and if we had none, I guess we’d look like a piece of limp spaghetti.

We tackled one of life’s stressors this past week and moved to another house….right around the corner from the old one. Why? I’ll get to that in another post.

In the meantime, we hired a moving company called Seniors On The Move. No snide comments, please! The company started out for seniors only, but has since changed to a service for all age groups.

Because our move was so close, the movers utilized their “Speed Pak” system. We did not pack one box. I repeat, we did not have to pack one box! Do you realize how significant that is? If you’ve moved before, you know what I mean.

Speed Pak involves big boxes on wheels. The movers put the contents of each room in the paks and layer everything with blankets. At the new place, they take everything out of the paks and put the majority where it should be, i.e., dishes all go into kitchen cabinets, canned goods into the pantry, clothes into the closet. We’ve had only to rearrange the dishes to preferred cabinets, and clothes to the right closets. They even put my shoes in the closet, all lined up, toes pointing forward.

I’ve come to realize that the stress is more in the anticipation of change; going to a new unknown place, doing something different, going outside the usual comfortable box we like to stay inside of.

Change is growth! I guess I grew by about a quarter of a mile this last week.

Change sign image from article by Brad Egeland on Change Management: Reviewing Requests for Changes

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10 Responses to It Was a Moving Experience

  1. westwood says:

    Well, after moving apartments three times in less than six months, and living out of a car for part of that time, I’m starting to feel like it’s old hat.


  2. I know somewhat how that feels. The uncertainty of what know? Or the fear on the unfamiliar and unknown can be very disturbing. I drove from california to texas for 3 days with my wife and 1 year old…. Never again. I wanted to cry from the torture of driving with u-haul and all. Guess what? When I saw ” welcome to Texas'” I thought I was near but it took us 8 hours to reach Houston. I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel. Whew! I hope that you get to settle soon. Enjoy your new home. Fresh new beginnings. God bless you and your family.


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks IT…We are settling in fast since the move was just around the corner. I can feel your pain on that trip from CA to TX….and Texas always fools you when you hit the state line. It can still take hours to get to your destination in the interior. Like they say, don’t mess with Texas! I like your thought about fresh new beginnings. Ahhhhhh. Blessings to you and your family too.


  3. jeanne says:

    speed boxes…what a great idea!


  4. jo says:

    Loved this post – so true. I have moved 26 times in my life – major moves. Speed packing sounds terrific.
    I read a great quote recently which I cannot repeat absolutely correctly and I have no idea who said it, but it went something like this –
    Asking for no change is, in essence, asking for ENORMOUS change.
    Think about it.


    • Angeline M says:

      Wow, you might win the prize for the number of moves you’ve made. You’re right…we need to just open ourselves up to change, because resisting it is just asking for trouble!


  5. ElizOF says:

    Wow! that was the easiest, stress free move I’ve heard about in a while. Good for you! 🙂


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