Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

We are in the midst of moving, I’m a bit harried, and when I saw this week’s photo challenge I was a bit put out. I’m in Northern California, and until today, it has been about 98 degrees during the day….doesn’t look like Fall around here yet!

I took a break from the house this afternoon to go grocery shopping (which I didn’t feel like doing), and as I wound my way back to the produce department to get something I forgot initially…. VOILA!  Fall was all around me!! I hadn’t even noticed the first time I walked through grabbing fruit and veggies.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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33 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

  1. I just love autumn … such a beautiful time of year. It’s the only season that I miss living on the east coast (originally from Philly). The fall colors are so dramatic, so vibrant back there.


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  3. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful selection of fall items and colors… 🙂


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  7. I was browsing my photos and I saw a picture of my family on a pumpkin patch with some friends when we visited the half Moon bay in California. My son was only 1 year old. I miss our good times by the bay. Festive pictures promising a season of excitement . God bless.


    • Angeline M says:

      The Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay is fabulous. I haven’t been in years, even though I’m only a couple of hours away. Food for thought….maybe this year! Have so much fun with your family this season.


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  10. Jo Bryant says:

    All good shots – but number 2 really is great


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  13. jakesprinter says:

    Nice photo collection:)


  14. All photos show how fun and beautiful Autumn is. The colors of orange, yellow and reds brings forth a sense of festivity… Of togetherness… Of the happy moments ahead. Those pumpkins are just amazing to look at. Have a great weekend.


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  16. Caroline says:

    Don’t feel bad, because I also took my inspiration from the local store. 🙂


  17. jeanne says:

    I had to get my Fall on at the grocery store as well…


  18. thirdhandart says:

    Wonderful Fall photos! I’m going to have to take my camera to the grocery store. I never thought of taking photos in the produce department. Great idea!


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