Top Ten Tips When Moving

Does the word “moving” strike terror in your heart? Send shivers of dread up your spine?

I used to feel that way, and now because of the multiple moves my husband and I have made (12 I think at last count), I am at ease with the process.

We move again soon, and because the last move was a downsizing, all the clean out was done then.

Here are my top things to do to get ready for a household move, and I’ll preface it by saying the sooner you can get started on the prep, the easier it becomes; you won’t feel as stressed out and pressured by a deadline.

1. Take one room at a time, even if it takes several days…do not start any other room until the current one is completed.  Open each closet and drawer in that room and decide what needs to be given away and what goes to the new place. Have two boxes and label them “Keep” and “Toss”.  Be realistic; do you really need 5 gravy boats? 10 spatulas?  Are you really going to wear that dress that has been in the closet five years and you never liked anyway? Don’t let the monkey mind make you jump around from room to room, running in circles. Stay focused on the task at hand in THAT room. Repeat throughout your house. Do a little bit every day.

2. Take all the items from the “toss” box(s) and either donate to Goodwill, or charity of your choice; or hold a garage sale.

3. Go through all paper files and throw all old receipts and outdated warranties away, any paper files no longer needed or out of date. Take care to create a separate pile of anything with your personal ID information on it and take this to a place that shreds.

4. Go online and compare prices on packing material. This stuff is incredibly expensive, so a little research can save you some money.

5. Put a few of the appropriate sized boxes in each room. You’ll be amazed how not running out to the garage for a new box to fill when you have filled one up will save you time (and distraction, as you run through the house to the garage and see something else that needs doing in another room).

6. Have scissors and the tape gun with you at all times in the room you are working in.

7. Use towels and sheets to wrap things or use as a cushion between breakable items; this saves on bubble wrap. One would think bubble wrap was made of gold it’s so expensive.

8. Label each box with what the contents are, and what room it should go to in the new house (an acquaintance did not label some boxes and it was days before they found the box with the forks, spoons,  and knives….that had been put in a closet somewhere in the new house).

9. If you’re up to it you can create a color coding system for the boxes using colored dots, with a color designation for each room of the house (still label the contents).

10. Clean out the kitchen pantry, and if there are any out of date items lurking on the back shelves be sure to throw those out.

In the words of my dearly beloved (husband) “Chuck it, don’t truck it”.

You’ll be on your way with not too much stress if you’ve given yourself enough time. And you’ll love yourself as you unpack at the other end.

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6 Responses to Top Ten Tips When Moving

  1. eof737 says:

    Excellent points and tips… Even though I’ve moved many times in my life, I dread it… All that work packing and moving and settling in… but we have to do it. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Stacey says:

    thanks for the tips…im in the process of moving. spent yesterday packing and will continue later this week…moving in 2 weeks.


  3. Angeline M says:

    Oh, wow. Maybe step #11 should have included how to box up a 1 year old 🙂


  4. I stop counting the moving I made but if I read something like this before, the stress would have been less. Each of your advice is wise and practical. My worst move was from california to texas. I drove with my 1 year old for 4 days with a huge u- haul truck that a friend drove. Another great advice is to travel light. I brought all the furniture for our new house and it was as costly as getting new ones on a clearance price. The hassle of taking the bulky, heavy furniture was not worth it. I’m moving in the next few months and now I’m much wiser. Thank you for sharing.


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