Right Brain, Left Brain

I spent the last weekend in the Monterey, and Big Sur, California area.  Beautiful ocean vistas, mountains, vegetation, and sea life.

I was in a state of Zen. I could have easily sat cross-legged on the beach and chanted “Ommmm”. I was that relaxed.

Monday morning. Sitting at my desk. Facing a computer. The phone won’t stop ringing. I was confused, scattered, not centered. My right brain is screaming “not THIS again”!

Tuesday. I’m sitting at that darn desk again, fielding phone calls from my patients that are having trouble getting authorizations, medications, doctor appointments.

My right brain drifts off to visions of the ocean, Nepenthe, the rugged beach with the pounding waves. I want to go there now, even if only in my mind.

My left brain pushes my right brain out of the way every time the phone rings with a new issue to tackle, with each patient I call to go over blood sugar levels, medication dosages.

Wednesday. Left brain is saying “focus, focus, focus”; right brain is saying “can’t we have just a little fun taking some pretty photos outside, maybe go to the beach?”

My right brain and my left brain are going to have to come to some kind of agreement.   I’m tired of the shoving match going on in my head.

I’m hoping my right brain gets the upper hand. My left brain just keeps elbowing it out of the way.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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2 Responses to Right Brain, Left Brain

  1. eof737 says:

    I can relate and sometimes my right brain wins and other times my left wins…. 🙂


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