Orange County, Huntington Beach

Heading down the Pacific Coast Highway. The decision for today’s outing is Huntington Beach. This is all just so crazy glorious. When we lived here several years ago we knew we had a good thing going on, but we worked, and our leisure outings were usually glued down to weekends only. Oh, ok, we went out a lot of evenings too; but to be here now, to wake up in the morning without the assistance of an alarm clock, to have breakfast brought to our room, and then take off to wherever we felt like going that day, is happiness plus. Two kids on spring break….hahaha, not really, we’re old. Whatever!

The day was sunny, but the wind was blasting. No matter, everyone was out enjoying the beach. I was thinking that this could save a lot of people dermatology fees, just stick your face down close to the sand and voila! Instant dermabrasion. It was that windy.

We had lunch at Duke’s, one of our favorites in Huntington Beach, and then headed down the pier. A crowd of people was gathered along the first part of the pier at the railing, looking down, yelling and cheering. Upon closer inspection we found it was a made up game of someone on the pier throwing a football down, as hard as he could, at a guy laying on the sidewalk below the pier. If the thrower hit the guy below, he won $1.00 paid by friends of the guy below.  I believe beer may have been involved in making up this game; it was like a crowd in a Roman coliseum roaring every time the guy below got hit in the gut. Whap! Then the beach patrol showed up. Back to volleyball, guys.

We took a stroll up and down Main Street. Lots of little outdoor cafes, lots of people having a relaxing day, and always interesting things to see.

We jumped back in the car and continued down the PCH to Newport Beach, but parking was impossible, so we just drove around and enjoyed the scenery from the car.

It was getting late, and we had to do a little grocery shopping to pick up a couple of things to take to a barbecue we were invited to at a friend’s house.

Just another day in paradise.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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