Blast Off

I’m up early to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee before the husband gets up, and we prepare to take our leave.

We’ll be driving down to Orange County, Ca today, and that will have us on Hwy 5 south for some six or seven hours. 5 south is almost as straight as an arrow until hitting the Grapevine right before L.A. Some call the stretch of 5 between Northern California and L.A. boring because of it’s “nothingness”; a major highway with wide open fields on either side broken up by fast food rest stops and gas stations. I love this area. Cattle grazing in the fields, orchards, aqueducts brimming with water flowing down to serve our brethren in SoCal, highway signs with the names of little towns that will be off the next exit. Towns that can’t be seen, and I always wonder who lives out here in the “nothingness”, amongst the fields and cattle. Once we hit L.A. there is “somethingness”, and a lot of it. Traversing L.A. is the final test; get through that quagmire and the prize on the other side is Orange County.

Ah well, time to get a move on. We have five glorious days ahead.

To be continued….

rocket image: Chad Covino

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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