You Know You’re In The Country When…

We took a great little day trip out to Cache Creek Casino north of Sacramento, California, yesterday. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day; the likes of which we haven’t seen in these parts for some time.

Our trip took us north, up Hwy 5 through Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento and Woodland. My husband had written down some spotty directions from google maps before we left the house, but on the outskirts of Woodland things started looking a little sparse. After we passed Dead Cat Alley and Dog Gone Alley, we pulled over to look at the map on his iPhone, that was sort of clear, but as we drove on we were still doubtful. I pulled out my Droid that has a Navigation app that is incredible. Just say the name of the town you are going to and within a second the map springs up on the screen with your exact location and where you are going. It is a map with a picture of the highway you are on with an arrow pointing you along. The arrow is your car. When you are supposed to take a turn the phone’s GPS tells you to turn. Incredible technology.

We were on the right track, the GPS lady was happy with us, and we continued on down Highway 16 W that is really a country road.  I figured that you really know you’re in the country when the road names are only numbers and letters: County Road 12 A, Rd 20 X, County Rd 86 followed by County Rd. 86 A.  Another sign it was country was passing the Lazy H Ranch, and the W Bar something or another Ranch; had something to do with cattle though.

We drove on through Esparto, home of R.H. Phillips Winery, and then Cadenasso, and finally Brooks where Cache Creek Casino is.

I never knew there was a winery out there in that neck of the woods, but I should have figured with all the vineyards that started dotting the road and then filled the valley across the road from the casino. 

Cache Creek, for being out in the middle of nowhere is first class. We had some grub lunch in the casino cafe and went our separate ways to try our luck. My husband was off to the poker room for some Texas Hold’Em and I was off to try a little bit of video poker.

I had given myself an alloted sum of money to give to the machines and had packed a novel I’m reading to while away the hours while my husband played poker.

The port cochere at the entry to the casino has a wonderful area with benches, a fountain, and a fabulous vista of the valley across the road. I got a coffee and sat out on one of the benches in the shade to enjoy the view and my book. A perfect day except for the money we didn’t win.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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