Taqueria Las Comadres

Central Valley California must have as many taquerias as it does cows and wineries.  The taquerias  sprout up in almost every strip mall that sprawls along each town’s main thoroughfare and side streets, and each has their loyal following. There are only so many residents in each town, but the taquerias seem to garner enough of a following to stay in business. And, they usually reside in the same strip mall as Burger King and Jack In The Box.

We had occasion to try a taqueria we had actually not heard of in Tracy, an “exurb” of San Francisco. A friend had told us about it. Off we happily went to see what Las Comadres was all about one recent weekend when there was nothing better to do.

Inside the restaurant behind the counter was one of the comadres (comadres are godmothers or female friends); she could have been one of my aunts from Mexico, or a friend of my mom or grandmother. This was feeling so right, and one look at the display of foods on the warming table to prepare tacos and anything else your heart might desire just sealed the deal. The chopped meats, rice, and beans looked and smelled delicious.

We put in our order and selected our drinks; for me a fresh agua fresca of strawberry that had to have been made from the strawberries right out of the fields right down highway 205.

I had a tostada with chicken and my husband had a bowl of pozole; both delicious.

Las Comadres has two more loyal followers.

The comadres were kind enough to let me snap a few photos of the pots bubbling on the  stove.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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