Getting To The Biggest Little City

President’s Day Weekend provided the perfect opportunity for my husband and I to make a break for it and head up to Reno. We both took Friday off to give ourselves a little more time to play.

Weather reports Thursday were grim, there was a major winter storm blowing with rain and wind at our sea level home, and the Sierra was getting the brunt of the storm with wind and snow. We decided to see how things looked on Friday morning before heading out. My husband purchased chains for the tires in preparation.

Friday morning was overcast and drizzling at the old homestead and internet traffic and weather monitoring of the Sierra showed traffic moving and a decent snowfall, but nothing like the day before. We decided to go for it.

The snow started at the 2,000 foot elevation as we started the ascent up the mountains and intensified as we went. Chains were required at about 4,000 feet.

The falling snow was beautiful, something I hadn’t seen in a long time, and with the snow from the previous week’s storms the scenery was incredible.

The drive with chains on the tires slowed everyone down considerably, which was a good thing, but made driving a little nerve racking for the driver (not me). Chain controls were lifted at the little Sierra town of Truckee and we pulled off the highway in to the town to have the chains removed.

We arrived in Reno just as the snow began to pick up again. Our room on the 22nd floor of the hotel provided a wonderful view of the snowfall, and just seemed to provide such a quiet beauty to the biggest little city in the world.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. I am a retired nurse case manager. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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