A Day in Napa

I met Luis Ochoa initially through Facebook not too long ago, and was invited to join a small group to tour his “ranchito” vineyard followed by a formal wine tasting.

We invited our son and daughter in law to join us and met up with them in the Napa Super WalMart parking lot to take one car from there in to downtown Napa for lunch before heading out to our appointed 1:30 meeting with Luis.

I’ve been wanting to check out The Oxbow Public Market in Napa and we made this our lunch destination. Oxbow Market is a lovely, large warehouse type structure filled with small open purveyors of all sorts of foods to eat there or take out, teas, spices, cheese, ice cream, chocolates, a meat market, and of course wine.

Our choices for lunch were many, Mexican food, seafood, Argentine food, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Everyone in our group decided on Casa, for Mexican food. The tortillas are hand-made, basic and delicious all by themselves; the filling for the tacos are quite upscale.  

A short drive from Oxbow got us to Luis Ochoa’s vineyard, down a country road bordered by vines, and mustard already in bloom. It was a perfect day for this trip, sunny and warm with a blue sky to top it all off.

Luis is a warm and wonderful host. Introductions were made with our group of eight and wine glasses were set out on a small table at the edge of the vineyard to try a 2009 chardonnay not yet on the market. A toast, a sip, an explosion of wonderful taste on my palate. Superb! Wine glasses in hand, Luis took us out into the rows of vines to explain the trimming and handling of the vines at this time of year to prepare them for better growth, and the spring budding and growing cycle. Before getting in our cars to caravan into downtown Napa and the tasting room, Luis opened a bottle of Cabarnet, also not yet on the market to give us a taste. Oh my, this was perfection.

The tasting room is part of an alliance or cooperative that handles Luis’ wines. We had a great time tasting chardonnay, merlot, and cabernet.

The day in Napa was a little bit of heaven.



About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. I am a retired nurse case manager. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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