Foreclosure, Days 205-207; Notice of Sale

I won’t fool around with catchy titles for the post today. It is what it says. We got the knock at the door today from the mail lady with ten certified letters that needed to be signed for. It was ten copies of the same letter, five addressed to me and five addressed to my husband. I guess you can never be too careful.

Notice of Trustee’s Sale.  The letter we’ve been waiting for, what we knew as the next step in our foreclosure process. Our 90 day “redemption” period was up on August 19th and the trustee has to have a certified letter sent notifying of intent to sell one’s house 20 days before the sale/auction date.  The letter had to be forwarded from our old address because the bank/trustee do not have our new address, so there was some delay in receipt. Like I said in the last post, the bank has not fooled around with us, and they have been johnny on the spot with the timeframes and no days have been wasted with our whole foreclosure process.  While I welcome this whole thing not dragging out, I don’t understand all the stories I’ve read about people staying in their homes for months on end rent free.

The date of auction/sale for our house is listed for September 10th at 10:00 A.M. on the steps of the County Courthouse in Stockton, CA.

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