Foreclosure, Days 203&204; Moving Right Along

Nothing new going on in the foreclosure news in last couple of days, so I decided it was time for a little visit to Zillow and then RealtyTrac.

Zillow is showing our old neighborhood as having had a few sales of foreclosed properties over the last several months. Going back to 3/5/10 one of the larger homes (2,222 square feet) in the tract sold for $170,000.  On 3/25 the same model/size home sold for $189,000; on 4/30 the largest house in the tract at 2,349 square feet sold for $190,000; on 6/11 that same size/model house sold for $160,000.  The old neighborhood is slippy sliding around quite a bit but seems to be in a downward spiral.  

A trip over to RealtyTrac is showing our old house listed as “pre foreclosure” with the Notice of Default Date and a price listed at $171,120 (our mortgage was $381,000).

I keep waiting for the knock on our door with the certified letter from the trustee of the old place notifying us of putting up the house for sale. Our foreclosure process has moved right along from the beginning. I don’t know if that is just IndyMac/One West Bank’s way or if we were picked out of the multitude. Very interesting, but I’m glad we didn’t dilly dally around and got the heck out early on.

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