Foreclosure, Days 192-198; Going Back

Seven days have slipped by since my last post. Busy times here. I found out about my job’s demise as of August 31st a few weeks ago and have been busy wrapping up all the loose ends with the old job and searching for a new job too. 

Avoiding this blog pulls at my mind, but this foreclosure business on top of the issues stated above sometimes feels like one step over the line.  Two more days and our foreclosure is a done deal.  

I was back in Stockton (where the house is we walked away from) yesterday for a job interview. I had struggled with the thought on my way to the interview of going by the old house after the interview but kept telling myself I shouldn’t go there (I might turn in to a pilar of salt for looking back). I think the Universe sent me a message when I arrived for the interview and was told that the COO had an emergency meeting and could I please come back in two hours? I figured that was better than rescheduling for another day and went back out with two hours to spare.  The old house isn’t far from where my interview was and I instantly decided to go. I wanted to ease my mind and know that the house hadn’t been vandalized or that a pipe hadn’t burst flooding the house or some other catastrophe.

The old neighborhood looked, if you’ll pardon the expression, like crap. Untended yards, ours included, rent signs, sale signs; this wasn’t the neighborhood that we had moved in to. I pulled up to our house and could see immediately that pigeons have moved in to the eaves over the garage and on the side of the house, the driveway is full of pigeon poop. Walking in to the house though made me see why we had bought it. It really is a nice house inside, and we left it very clean. I’m glad I went back and have a lasting memory of a lovely home where we had a lot of good times.  The day we moved out I was frantic and just wanted to get out. Yesterday’s visit brought peace of mind.

We’ll wait to get our final notice in the mail.

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