Foreclosure, Day 170; HAMP Net Has a Big Hole

In 30 days our foreclosure is finalized. No more “redemption” period, no more chance to pay back what we haven’t paid since February or otherwise make amends, it’s the end of the line, that’s it.  August 19th.

Reading about the ongoing up trending cycle of foreclosures, the stories on underwater homes, the stories with all the stats of the ups and the downs, and stories about the millions stuck in this quagmire shed just a little bit of light on what each one of those individuals is dealing with and sometimes there is a hint of one person’s struggle. One person’s story. I don’t see many of those very much lately, they were more evident in the earlier days; now it all seems to be the big picture and all the numbers. Is it because it is more common, or is it because of more negative press on people who have either walked away from a bad investment, or have given up?

The story that caught my eye today speaks to the more than 40% of 1.3 million people enrolled in the government’s HAMP program who have fallen out of that assistance program. 40%!  It’s the same old story that I’ve read about for at least six months now that the lender/banks lose documents that people send in trying to apply for assistance, then say they didn’t receive it or say the borrower never sent it in. They wear you down and people give up.

30 days.

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