Foreclosure, Day 121; The Deer In The Headlights

We had a really busy weekend packing and taking some things to the new place. I woke up this morning and my mind (after a lot of coffee) was back in high gear.

I looked in the mirror at one point this morning after logging in to my work computer site and making a few calls to my patients ( I do telephonic Disease Case Management) and running around squeezing toilet bowl cleaner in all the toilets, and I looked like said deer in the headlights. You have to visualize this crazy woman running around the house with a headset on (so I can hear the click and know when a call is coming in from a doctor or hospital, or one of my patients) with a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner in hand and my brain already concentrating on the potted plants needing water today so they have enough time to dry out a bit before we move in two more days.  A call came in from one of my patients and I almost wanted to yell “What do you want, don’t you know I’m busy here?” As the morning progressed I was able to settle down and get in the normal work day groove.  More or less.

Two more days until we move. We have still not gotten our Notice of Default, another thing to put on my list to check on tomorrow, not that it really matters. We’ll get it when we get it. Inquiring minds like to know, though.

Just a little update on our neighborhood scene. One of the houses down the row in foreclosure sold April 30th for $190,000. 2,222 square feet with a fireplace in the master bedroom. Initial sale price in 2006? $435,000.

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1 Response to Foreclosure, Day 121; The Deer In The Headlights

  1. Angeline M says:

    Beats me. My OCD has kicked in big time!


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