Foreclosure, Day 117; Husbands

Well, you knew it was coming babe.

My husband tells me he reads my blog every couple of days just to be sure I’m not saying anything about him.

As with any big thing in our marriage we sat down together and talked about this strategic foreclosure deal before we began this journey. We talked about it, discussed the pros and cons, pondered, met with an attorney, talked to our CPA, and finally made the decision to take responsibility for our financial future and just do it.

I’m proud of our team effort and planning. I’m happy that we were able to agree on our new home, and agreeing too on the extreme downsizing we are doing (from four bedroom, four bath to a two bedroom, two bath and from 2,036 square feet to 1,235 square feet).

Up until last weekend we had never been in the same room together at one time while packing things… you know where I’m going here?

Last Saturday we took on the kitchen. Together. In there together we were. We have such differing ideas about how to do things, always have, but I was so good, saw things I’d have done a different way and just let it go. was my mantra for the day.

Then the whistling started. The love of my life has a habit of whistling under his breath, sounds sort of like the north wind, and it went on all day.,, Ommmmm.

While I was out of the room the husband had gone to the garage for more boxes, brought them in and a bug fell out of one. He sprayed the hell out of it with Windex.  Enter the unsuspecting barefoot wife who knows nothing about the bug and the spray, and steps in said puddle of Windex. I curse. Innocent looks from husband, explanations.

We’ve made it to day 117 and I stayed out of the garage today while my husband packed that up by himself.

I love you my husband.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. I am a retired nurse case manager. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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2 Responses to Foreclosure, Day 117; Husbands

  1. Fito says:

    Whistle while you work…smart husband


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