Foreclosure, Day 109; Rentals Rock

I’ve read several articles just recently about renting vs. owning. One article that I wish I could copy a link to is gone from the site where I found it, but states that renting gives one mobility and not an anchor weighing you down with home ownership. So true, and given the almost nomadic life my husband and I have led with a lot of moving around the country, I so regret having bought this house we live in. And I don’t have many regrets in my life.  Why did I think buying was so damn important? I just didn’t know this area…didn’t do the homework. Big mistake.

Now we will move and rent, and as mentioned before I feel like the albatross has been released.  I feel freedom in the air.

One other little site I saw today:

Check this out: Experian Hitwise – which measures Web searches – says there’s been a significant year-long drop in numbers of people searching online for homes for sale.

Correspondingly, more are searching online for rentals. Hitwise cites much of the negative media reports on housing. It reminds me of a theory I heard in 2007: you will truly know the market is at bottom when very idea of owning a home becomes – in pop culture – revolting.


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