Foreclosure, Day 78; HAMP’S 3.3%

3.3%, the number HAMP has actually helped out of the 231 thousand something people who have gotten permanent modifications according to this Forbes article

Let’s Do The Default Again: The HAMP Horror Picture Show
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I am in total agreement with the author that the housing market is in it for another hit with more people losing their home; or, like my husband and I, simply walking away. We are in the prestigious group of 7 million that are in default or foreclosure.

I spent the weekend doing some packing, taking apart our guest room and giving the beds to our daughter. The empty room looks so strange. I took what I think was a last load to Goodwill. My husband had the day off today and made the calls to disconnect services here at the old place and set up the new place. I hate the thought of our front yard turning in to dried out dead grass and weeds. The neighbors are going to hate that. I have to let that go.

We saw a sign outside Wells Fargo Bank today stating “Foreclosure Homes for Sale”; very much a hand made sign, not professional so maybe it wasn’t the bank’s….but then again, this is Stockton, CA.

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