Foreclosure, Day 75; Confusion and Delay

Ah, day 75, you will be joined by 15 more days to bring us to 90 and the grand default.  *Shivers up the spine*.

What really got me going today was looking out the window and seeing some guy taking pictures of our house. What?  Maybe I better start packing! What the hell was that about? Maybe I’d better answer the next call from IndyMac Bank. Maybe that we have a lease signed and a place to move to June 1st is a very good thing.

At any rate, today’s news comes courtesy of CNN and what a surprise…a congressional panel says that there is confusion and delay in the programs the government has rolled out in an attempt to stem foreclosures.  I think many more people would be able to save their home if the lenders actually got it together and didn’t lose paperwork and did what they were supposed to do on the first round. Confusion and delay…seems more like carelessness and lethargy.

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