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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers of Spices

Containers of spices found at Oxbow Market in Napa, California. For more entries in the WPC, click here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge; That Extra Bowl

That extra bowl placed at your table when you’ve ordered cioppino. I think I had the best cioppino ever on my last trip into San Francisco last weekend, beyond delicious.

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Weekly Photo Challenge; A Room Redefined

There are tasting rooms, and then there are salons…not to be confused with a saloon.

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Weekly Photo Challenge, Split-Second Story: The Dog Walker

Today’s challenge comes from Shane Francescut who wants to see a split second story. I took this photo in downtown Oakland, California. I’ll leave the rest of the story up to you.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Ohashi this is called I’m told by a Japanese friend; a bridge.  A twist to chopsticks when there are none delivered with the take-out. “This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

A talented artist creating signs with the name you order; each letter is a little piece of art. ~~~ For more letters, visit the WordPress challenge here

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Gated) Thresholds

One in Puerto Vallarta, one in San Francisco. Can you tell which is where?

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Abstract Reflections

Most of my reflections of late seem to be in abstract form. So many loose associations meld into thoughts of so many things. An afternoon spent with a daughter where on a whim she gets me to try out her bike, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (the Movies)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

A perspective changes with a simple change of the angle of the camera, with a second look at an object to be photographed

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