Weekly Photo Challenge: (Gated) Thresholds



One in Puerto Vallarta, one in San Francisco. Can you tell which is where?

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Blurring The Creative Lines


So where does creativity begin? Where does it end? It’s all in our mind, within our power. We have it. I’m just finding that out, and beginning to have fun coloring outside the lines.

I like Abraham Maslow’s thoughts on creativity: “The key question isn’t ‘what fosters creativity?’ But why do people not create or innovate? We have got to abandon that sense of amazement in the face of creativity, as if it were a miracle if anybody created anything.”

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Dinner at Eight




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Phoneography Challenge: Editing and Processing


Editing and processing, or what you got isn’t necessarily what you get when you’ve taken a photo these days in said world of editing and processing. I’ve done a study of one photo this week for the challenge sponsored by Lens and Pens by Sally, visit her site to see some great work for the challenge and her tip of the week. The photo above is edit #1, and following are other adaptations that are simple, but an example of what just a tweak of editing can do to help a photo you might otherwise leave to languish in your files. Clicking on each image to enlarge will give a better view




And what it all came from, the original that has been hanging out in my files for a while




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Sunday Traveler: Orange County California, Huntington Beach


Orange County. One of my favorite places in Southern California. We were lucky enough to live here for five years, and loved every minute of this diverse community that is just south of Los Angeles, and a world unto itself.

For the next couple of Sundays, I’ll take you along the Pacific Coast Highway corridor running through OC (Orange County).


Huntington Beach is just one of the beach cities along the PCH, Highway 1.  It’s a fun place to spend a Sunday walking along the pier, people watching, and of course eating at one of the great restaurants or cafes.

You can sit on the green and watch the ocean if you’d prefer not to get sand between your toes.


This is a laid back town


There’s always a lot going on


or not


There’s more to Orange County than beaches, but that’s a definite highlight



It’s an eclectic place, with great vista’s from its pier

sundaytravelhb9Pedal around town if you like


See you next week for a little shopping farther down the PCH.

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Travel Theme: Statues (in Kauai)


The art of the Hula. A statue seen in Kauai

Thanks to Ailsa  at WheresMyBackpack.com for this weekly travel challenge

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Rainy Day Happy

rainydaykidswalkKids trooping across the street

like ducks all in a row

happy shouts and splashes

umbrellas twirling all around

raindrops dance on my windshield





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Phoneography Challenge: Light and Shadow



Two recent posts I’ve read in as many days, have asked and discussed why we take photographs.  Since delving and dabbling into this art form of photography I’ve begun to see things differently; subtle hues, shade, shadow and shapes. I cannot resist capturing the beauty that surrounds me in the everyday, a moment in time frozen into forever.  And as I think about why I take photographs, I begin to think that it is a form of gratitude that I offer up to the Universe for the beauty that is here for all of us to see.

Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy phone camera.


Thanks also to Sally Donatello, who programs each week’s phoneography challenge, the time and work she puts in to this project is phenomenal. The official title of the challenge has just been changed to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge. You can find her post for today, with her photos and a link to a wonderful photographer, here.


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Abstract Reflections


Most of my reflections of late seem to be in abstract form. So many loose associations meld into thoughts of so many things. An afternoon spent with a daughter where on a whim she gets me to try out her bike, an old-fashioned, no gears cruiser much like the one I had as a kid. Somehow, I’ve forgotten balance as a criterion for this action; before I know it the daughter is holding the back of the bike’s seat and running behind me while I steer. Wait a minute, didn’t I just do this with her a few years ago when she was a kid? An afternoon of warm spring sunshine, wobbling down the lane on a blue bike, laughter and shrieks. I use that as the excuse of why I couldn’t balance. But, then again, it was such a reflection on never forgetting some things.



Posting as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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A Spring Day’s Walk


A spring day walk down a country road. A patch of cacti. Fields of mustard.  Water pumping station sounds flowing hard. My feet make crunching sounds atop dried dirt and leaves. My camera click, click, clicks, and I become aware of a little breeze,  birds singing somewhere above my head, pine cones at my feet, a train whistles across the field.

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