Rainbow Umbrellas


A rainbow of umbrellas at lunch today. I didn’t know how much I would need this light of color until later today. Difficult news to take in on the family front, little emergencies to take care of, and then news from a WordPress friend that truly saddened my heart. I send this rainbow to my friend across the ocean and mountains and streams, that they may light up the days ahead. This one is for you, Carlos.

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The Gratitude Attitude: Sol y Luna


The sun and the moon

Grateful for the day’s warm embrace

Grateful for the night’s illumination


Colline has spearheaded Wednesdays of gratitude, and I am grateful for the opportunity.


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Phoneography Challenge: Dragonfly Reverie


A part of a windchime, unleashed and resting, on a glass top patio table that reflects the leaves and trees if you look carefully. The dragonfly found home.

The phoneography challenge is sponsored by Lens and Pens by Sally, make a visit to her blog for more.

A Samsung Galaxy phone was used for this photo.

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The Sunday Traveler: Reno Revisited


A standing (no pun intended) piece of art outside the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.

The exhibit I went to see, Doris Duke’s Shangri La, Architecture Landscape and Islamic Art, was very interesting, and well curated. I’ve read a bit more about her life online, and it’s an interesting story of an extremely wealthy heiress, art collector, and philanthropist.


Amongst the many other galleries in the museum, I also found a new exhibit by painter Alfredo Ramos Martinez who I was not familiar with, but will be looking for in future at local museums.

And why is the Sunday Traveler posting photos of these outdoor sculptures at the Nevada Museum of Art? Well, the Sunday Traveler was a naughty girl, and snapped quite a few photos inside the Doris Duke exhibit before being told by a guard to cease and desist. I may or may not have seen a sign on the entrance stating no photos allowed. I don’t know what got into me.  Now with some lovely photos of Shangri La on my cell phone, I trust my gut instinct to not print them for fear of legal entanglements.  The Sunday Traveler becomes rather nervous at the thought of Sundays in the slammer.  What I can do is provide a link to photos found online here that are a few of those my phone and I remember; and a link to the museum’s info on the exhibit here

Next Sunday, I will introduce you to another new fun find in Reno, and the people I met there. And I can actually post those photos with no thoughts of retribution.


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The Sunday Traveler; A Few Days Respite in Reno


I’m off again. To Reno, Nevada, again. Reno is up in the Sierras and is called the Biggest Little City in the world. I’ll say. This little city is made up mostly of casinos and not too much more, but the beauty of the Sierras is all around. Why do we go there fairly frequently? My husband is a Texas Hold ‘em poker aficionado.  I am not.  A couple of years ago it entered my head to expand my vision beyond aimlessly wandering the streets, or sitting in the hotel room reading and watching movies (which isn’t all that bad, and they have some great restaurants), and oh, wow!  I found the Nevada Museum of Art; right there in Reno, right down the street from where we most frequently stay. It never fails that when we go they have a fabulous exhibit of something that is wonderful (last time it was the photography of Frida Kahlo…can you believe that? In Reno?).  This trip I will go see their current exhibit “Doris Duke’s Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape and Islamic Art” which is the first traveling exhibition of art objects from Doris Duke’s home in Hawaii. I am thrilled to have this opportunity.

The museum is first-rate, the only accredited art museum in the state of Nevada. Many rooms and several floors of art work and photography displays that change frequently. When I first found the museum I told my husband about it, which he shared at the poker table the next day; the feedback? “Really? There’s a museum here?”.   The photo above is of the wire sculpture that is at the front door.  On my last visit I went up to the museum’s roof top to discover art up there as well, besides a great view of Reno.



When traveling, it always pays to look around even when it seems there is nothing there.

Here are links to the Doris Duke exhibition , and to the Nevada Museum of Art

I’ll be pulling myself off the grid in the morning until next weekend, when we return, to concentrate on photography, reading, watching movies, and going to the museum.  I’ll use this week for some much needed rest after several difficult months, and to prepare for a move coming up for us soon into San Francisco’s East Bay.  I’ll see you all back here for next week’s Sunday Traveler.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers of Spices


Containers of spices found at Oxbow Market in Napa, California.

For more entries in the WPC, click here.

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The Gratitude Attitude; Being a Survivor


Colline, of Colline’s Blog, has begun a weekly challenge to create a post about something that we are grateful for during the current week.

I will begin this first challenge by expressing my gratitude to the Universe for my health. I am a breast cancer survivor of many years now, and have recently been on a little bit of a journey over the last month with the possibility that something evil lurked at the previous surgical site.  Delays have taken place due to a change of insurance, but yesterday I finally found out that I am ok, and the suspicious finding is only scar tissue from the past surgery.

Once again, as so many years ago, I offer prayers of gratitude to the heavens for sparing me, and am reminded that I must be grateful for every moment of this life, and make the most of every minute.

Gratitude to gratitude always gives birth.
~attributed to Sophocles




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Phoneography Macro Challenge; A Sultry Red


The phoneography challenge is hosted by Lens and Pens by Sally; visit her blog for other’s entries in the macro category today.

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Sunday Traveler: The Bakery in El Tuito, Mexico


El Tuito, a very small village about one hour south of Puerto Vallarta. We had a local driver who took us to this wonderful little town as part of our wish list of seeing real life Mexico. The bakery is in the back of a private home, set up on the patio.


The oven is made of cement and the door propped closed with a stick. All pretty rustic, but good things come out of there.


Cooking outdoors is probably the smartest thing to do anyway, as the weather is hot and humid here.




And the baker’s mom, keeping an eye on the flour dispensed




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Out on A Limb


Swinging in the sunshine

out on a limb

better than limbo



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