Phoneography Challenge, Nature Under the Sky

waikikisept13 The nature of things under the sky, and under the water waikikisept14 Photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy Express in the Chinese Courtyard of the Honolulu Museum of  Art. The weekly phoneography challenge is sponsored by Sally Donatello at Lens and Pens by Sally.

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Weekly Photo Challenge~Signs, Hawaiian Style


Shaka sign. Hang loose! Having just returned from Hawaii, this seems to fit the challenge; Hawaiian style.

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Wordless Watery Wednesday



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Phoneography Challenge in the Key of Waikiki (updated post)


The Monday of week 5 of Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge, is for editing and processing photos taken using the afore-mentioned mediums. Being pretty much of a purist, I stray not far from the original photos I take. The best I could do was take color from the original using Snapseed, adding a vintage effect, and giving it a bit of a boost in PicMonkey. And then, getting pretty reckless, I went to Pixlr Express to try one more variation.


The return from Oahu late last night finds me still on Hawaiian time, and in a rather dreamy kinda mood. Let me know which of the above photos is your favorite, if you feel like leaving a comment, if not, let’s just hang loose.

And, after publishing, and having a suggestion that it would have been nice to include the original photo…


Good suggestion, bulldog.

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Going Back


Being able to return to this place, this place of surreal sunsets, and Trade Winds, brings feelings like no others. We first went to Hawaii many years ago, and from that first time I felt like I was home. I have to wonder who I was in a previous life.  But here I go again, here we go again, the husband and I, for an idyllic week of peace and tranquility. For the first time ever we will not stay in a hotel, but have rented a studio apartment through VRBO/Home Away.  What a wonderful change of pace this will be, and to feel a little bit more of the local vibe.

Rest, and photography (which I’ve sorely neglected during the last several months) are top on my list…in fact they are the only things on my list. Not a lot of sightseeing to be done, we’ve pretty much seen it all; after all, it’s like home.


I’ll be back in a little over a week; until then….Aloha.

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Phoneography Challenge; Black and White Coleus


I’ve always loved coleus plants. My first memories of them are from Mexico when I was a kid. The design on the leaves of this one, in black and white, reminds me of some Maya drawings I saw in Yucatan at some of the ruins.

Visit Lens and Pens by Sally for more on phoneography in black and white.

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The Sunday Traveler Quick Shot~Oahu Dreaming


Looking down from the road leading up to Diamond Head. The Sunday Traveler will be traveling back to Oahu next Saturday, September 20th, to celebrate a little wedding anniversary. The week of the 20th will be another off the grid time for blogging while I’m in Hawaii, but I’ll be back with many stories to tell, and photos to share.

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Weekly Photo Challenge~Humanity;Surviving


Humanity must march to try to save itself somedays


Incredible to think that something as basic as our food is being tinkered with and being taken away from us in its natural form


Thirdeyemom, states in the lead challenge this week, in part, “…we all share common hopes and dreams of love, family, and survival”.


I’ve run a couple of these photos before, but it just seemed to fit the topic.

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Wordless Wednesday~Restrained



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Phoneography Challenge, A Macro Piece of the Pine



A pine cone, up close and personal, taken this morning with my Samsung Galaxy and edits with Snapseed.

Macro is the topic of the day over on Lens and Pens by Sally, where you can find other entries and helpful information and links.

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